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BlownAway's mission is to get your friends and you having a blast while sailing in safety. For this reason, all events are weather dependent. Although few of our events are cancelled, the possibility does exist. At BlownAway we believe in conducting our business fairly and we will share the load if the weather is not ok. Our booking and refund procedures are a reflection of this.

You agree that by engaging BlownAway to provide services to you, you accept the terms and conditions set out below.


Bookings are essential. Your toys and anything else you require must be booked and paid for in advance to secure your spot.

$20 of prepaid event bookings is retained by BlownAway as a non-refundable booking fee. Please also check out our refund policy below.

Payment options

Most clients use internet banking to direct credit money into our account. Cash on pickup is fine for any equipment bought, and for casual hire or lessons on our open days. We will accept cheques, but the clearance process slows things down. We'll sort out what suits you best when you contact us.

You can also pay with your credit card. Credit Card payments are made through PayPal and incur a transaction fee of 4%. To make a credit card purchase all you need to do is hit the 'Buy Now' button below, enter the amount from your invoice plus 4%, then your billing details and your payment will be immediately processed.

Refunds - Client Cancellations

5 days or more:
If you cancel up to five days prior to the event, all (except the booking fee) will be returned to you.

4 to 1 days:
If a cancellation is made four to one days prior to your event, BlownAway will be able to return 60% of money paid for the hire of wind toys only (less booking fee). Any catering, facilities, or equipment hire etc. that you have booked can't be refunded.

On the day:
If you cancel on the day of the event or don't show up, unfortunately BlownAway cannot refund any money paid.

Refunds - Cancellation due to weather

Based on our extensive experience, we are pretty good at picking what is going to happen with the wind on the day, but Auckland weather is notoriously unpredictable and things change quickly. BlownAway will give you the most up-to-date information on how the weather is looking leading up to the day. On the morning of the event, we will give you a call with a review based on the metservice forecast, live Auckland weather information, and our experience. At that stage, it is your call if you wish to go ahead.

Your three options are:

1) Let's Do It! Heaps of people have been rewarded with a fantastic sail on a day that started out not looking too good. If you choose to go for it, we will begin setting up in preparation for your arrival. From this point, your voucher or the first hour of your booked lesson/hire are no longer refundable. If you find the conditions marginal, wind toys can still be heaps of fun, especially for the light-weights. If you don't use our toys at all, we will give you two 20min BlownAway hire vouchers per booked toy in compensation and return, in full, any time booked over the first hour. An example of this would be: If you booked three blokarts for two hours, you would receive six 20min vouchers plus a refund of the money paid for the second hour.

2) Postpone It If you choose not to go out, and you have other days that might work for you, you may take a raincheck and postpone the event at no extra charge.

3) Let's Call It Off If you have no other days on which you can get out, you can pull out and the hireage (less booking fee) will be returned to you. Again, any extras you have booked can't be refunded.

BlownAway Gift Vouchers

BlownAway's gift vouchers entitle its holder to the hire of a single blokart unless otherwise specified. Booking your blokart is essential, so please organise your adventure in advance. In order to make up minimum hire numbers, holders of single vouchers have to either get 3 more people together who would want to come out with them, or they may have to fit in with another group of hirers. Vouchers are subject to availability and standard booking conditions. Once you start your blokarting, your voucher is considered in use. Please note that it is your responsibility to use your vouchers before their expiry date. Holders of expired vouchers will be given a 50% discount on hire. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash.

Public holiday surcharge

BlownAway reserves the right to add a surcharge of 15 percent to all hire and lessons on public holidays, unless a prior agreement has been made.

Gear breakage

BlownAway covers all normal wear and tear, such as blown tyres, dings and scratches. If, however, you cause any other damage, you will be charged for replacement/repair of the part unless you have taken out gear insurance prior to starting your adventure. This insurance is available at a surcharge of $5 per blokart.

Privacy Policy & Confidentiality

BlownAway respects your privacy and will not retain personal details unless you request them to be kept on file. You can have your details removed at any time by contacting BlownAway. BlownAway will not share your personal information with any other party.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.