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The blokart is a hardy beast. Replacement parts aren't generally something that you have to worry too much about. You'll go through a few tyres if you are running your blokart on sealed surfaces, but if you are looking after your kart, that's probably about it. However, if you are pushing the boundaries, one day something will give way. This mostly happens when you hit something solid like a curb or a shipping container...

BlownAway keeps a stock of all the essentials. These include:

Rear Tyres

BlownAway currently stocks three brands of rear tyres: Kings, Deli and Deestones. The Kings and Deli are very similar tyres and are the prefered tyres for racing. Kings have a slightly harder rubber compound and a hold a maximum pressure rating of 42 P.S.I.. Deli's rubber is softer and stickier and they are rated at a maximum of 50 P.S.I. The Deestones are a different tyre all together. It, too, runs at a max of 50 P.S.I., but with its heavy duty rubber compound it lasts forever.

If you are running on the beach, then both Kings or Deli are ideal. Either brand will last you for years. If you are pushing your blokart hard on a sealed surface, then tyre choice is a matter of greater deliberation. Basically, if speed is your thing, then the higher the tyre pressure the faster the blokart. This is especially true if your body weight is getting up there. The flipside, however, is that the higher the pressure, the less forgiving your tyres will be and the faster they wear out. So ultimately the search is for a tyre that is really fast and lasts as long as possible.

The Kings and Deli are very sililar in design. General concensus is that, given their harder rubber compound, Kings last a little longer than Deli, however they are not rated for extreme tyre pressures. Deestone, by comparison, are a really slow tyre due to the weight of all that extra rubber. While they are no good for racing they do last a very long time and, for this reason, may be a good thrash around option if you find you're burning through too many tyres. At the end of the day you have to give these tyres a try and see what works best for you.

Front Tyres

BlownAway supplies Innova and Deestone front tyres.

The Innova (top pic) are a wide, almost slick tyre that is constructed out of a sticky rubber.

Deestones on the other hand are a narrow, hard compound rubber tyre with heaps of tread.

Some people prefer the Innova with their huge amount of grip in the dry. Others prefer the longevity of the harder deestones and their potentially greater grip in wet conditions. Again it comes down to personal choice.

Front tyres are worth experimenting with. The blokart understeers something fierce when turning into the wind on a big day. The choice of front tyre can have a big influence on the handling of the blokart.

Other Parts:

Rear Axle

Stub Axle

Front Fork

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Quick Release Seat Clamp

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