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NEW blokart Bits

Presenting the latest blokart sailing accessories:

FBC kit (Full Blown Carbon)

NEW: All five mast sections in full blown carbon! Released on the 24th of August this is the latest from the RnD crew at blokart. Needless to say this mast is exceptionally stiff. As any combination of blokart glass and carbon masts may be used in order to comply with BAI racing regulations, these new sections are going to open up many new and interesting possibilities for the setup of 3m and 4m sails. Experience so far shows a particular improvement in upwind ability. The FBC is likely to be particularly beneficial to the heavier sailor. Individual mast sections can be purchased to make up the FBC from the CRB kit.

The Crane

NEW: The second great bTech release is the Crane. The Crane replaces the webbing turban that secures the sail to the tip of the mast. The enclosed bearings allow it to swivel even under high downhaul tension. The top of the sail can rotate freely, allowing it to twist off in lighter winds, improving the blokart's light wind performance. Unlike the turban, the Crane arm holds the top of the sail away from the mast allowing the true shape of the sail to set correctly. You will notice that the sail sets much cleaner with fewer wrinkles in the head.

This kit comes with three shackle sizes for sail tuning and an over sleeve that enables it to be mounted in both the first and second mast sections. The Crane works most effectivly without the shakles (as seen in the setup of the pics here). This setup raises the sail up the mast by 10cm. This in of itself may be a performance enhancement but the jury is still out on this one. You will need to adjust your downhaul to use it in this position. The other option is to cut a length off the top of your mast so the sail sits lower.


Tuned battens improve the shape of your sail and enable you to get substantial power increases. BlownAway has two types available, each with their own bend characteristics. There is a lot more to be explained on batten shape than what will fit here so check out the batten page.


The new blokart helmet is a multisport design bringing comfort and safety to extreme sports such as snowboarding, hang gliding, BMX etc. You can be sure that this is really going to look after you while blokart sailing. It is a better fit and much more comfortable that the original blokart helmet. Heaps stylier too. Comes with goggle straps and ear pads.