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What amount of wind does the blokart need?

The blokart has several sail sizes, which allows it to be tuned to the conditions. With the largest sail the blokart requires a minimum of five knots to get moving in the park, and about twelve knots on the beach. A beginner will be able handle up to 20 knots without a problem as we simply change down a sail size.

Will I be able to use the blokart?

The blokart is perfect for those who try sailing for the first time. You only have two controls to deal with: steering and the sail rope. Steering is simple and comfortably reactive. The sail rope controls your speed, and its operation is simple: pull in to go faster. Let it out to slow down. This way, it does not matter how windy it is, for you control how fast you travel. Neither steering nor the sail rope require any strength. The maximum weight for a blokart pilot is about 130kgs.

Will our kids be able to use it?

Kids have no trouble. In fact they are generally away faster than us adults (combine their light weight with natural ability to pick up something new in no time and we end up struggling to keep up). So to slow them down while it is all still new to them, we start them off using a small sail.
The minimum age is about 10 years, depending on size and maturity of the child. For those littler ones who aren't quite heavy enough to hold the kart on the ground, there is a fantastic accessory called the Shadow: a small sidekart that clips onto the blokart. This way, small children can ride with their parents.

Is it safe?

Safety was paramount in the design of the blokart. Your legs and body are secured. It is possible to capsize your blokart, however by design you are held safely away from the ground. Even those who push the limit and crash at high speed are safe. The helmet and gloves add an extra degree of protection.

Do you stay with us or can we take the blokarts away?

You will have at least one blokart instructor with you for the duration of the entire event. If you have hired from us previously, and we are confident in your 'kart handling skills, a longer rental period can be arranged, during which you may take the blokart away with you on a trip.

What do I need to bring?

Good covered footwear is requested. The coast is an exposed place - bring warm clothes. There is always the possibility you will get wet, so a change of clothes is a good idea. Swimming is gorgeous in summer, so come prepared for it. Sunscreen is a must, too.