BlownAway - Blokart tuition

Blokarting is for everyone! It is the easiest, most accessible adrenalin sport around - as long as you can move your arms, you're away! BlownAway instructors have experience teaching people with disabilites, including paraplegia and cerebral palsy. The only limitation is weight: blokart pilots have to weigh at least 25kg in order to avoid being blown away quite literally. For those who are too light, there is the Shadow, the side-kart that converts the blokart into a two person vehicle.

Introduction to blokarting (approx. 20mins)

We will explain basic sailing theory, safety and kart handling skills, and have you cruising around in no time. While you are taking your first steps in the blokart we will be right there by your side, coaching you as you go. For children or teenagers, we will often ride along (standing on the rear axle) for the first few laps, making sure that they are fully comfortable before setting them loose on their own.
School groups and prospective buyers will also learn how to set up a blokart, how wings and sails work, what creates our winds, and how to read weather maps.

This short lesson is an essential part of your blokart experience if you are hiring with us for the first time. Therefore, we recommend booking your kart for at least 40mins to give yourself some good sailing time once you have got the hang of it! Pricing is the same as normal hire.