BlownAway - Blokart instruction for schools

The BlownAway Sail Away course will give both children and teenagers an excellent, fun introduction to land-based sailing.

Lesson plans are completely flexible and can be tailored to your wishes. In addition to instruction in blokart handling, we can provide an educational element, explaining how sails work and what creates our winds. We will put these theoretical concepts into practice during blokarting. We encourage question and answer sessions at the end of each day.

Safety is paramount for us - our experienced instructors have first aid certificates and equipment, and all students are fitted with protective gloves and helmets. Courses are usually held in a very safe location in Takanini (Bruce Pulman Park) away from traffic. Alternatively, we can come out to your school grounds if there is a flat, sealed area available that is open to the winds. Students are partnered up for practise and under close supervision at all times.

The minimum age for blokarting is 10 years.

Course outline Sail Away course (2h)

1. Setting up the kart, with a focus on engineering aspects of the blokart, safety guidelines (30 mins)
2. Sailing theory - how to drive the cart, with practical demonstrations (15mins)
3. Supervised free sailing, with our instructors close by or riding along (standing on the rear axle) for the first few laps, making sure that everyone is fully comfortable before taking off (30mins)
4. Fun relay races, team races and skills competitions to test what the children have learned (45mins)

For younger children we offer the Little Sailors course, where the children push each other in karts without sails and take turns riding along in the Shadow (side-kart) with one of our instructors. Children love the buzz of being in the blokart with or without sail, enjoying the feeling of speeding along so close to the ground.

Pricing is calculated based on normal hire rates, but may be cheaper depending on the session length and number of sessions booked, and the number of participants. Please contact BlownAway for a quote.