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About BlownAway and our commitment to sustainable adventure activities

Auckland is renowned for its four seasons in a day - and one of them always includes wind. If you can't beat it, ride it we say!

BlownAway has been hooking people up with white-knuckle adventures since 2004.

We adore our jobs - each day brings excitement, amazing people from all walks of life, happy smiles and laughter. We do it for the love of helping people realise what they are capable of, and for the knowledge that they take away so much more than a skill or an experience.
BlownAway will give you true value for money, putting you back in touch with your inner child as you experience the pure joy of playing, romping around in the elements with sails and kites.

These days, environmental concerns are no longer a matter of sidelined debate. Ecotourism is more than just a catch-phrase for us: BlownAway is proud to provide a clean, green option for anybody who is hooked on the thrill of racing, be it on land or on water, but is reluctant to add another go-kart, quad bike or jet ski to the already sky high pile of vehicles coughing dirt into our air.

We also love the way our wind-powered racing machines are not only easy on the atmosphere, but on the ears as well: nothing beats flying along the beach, and actually being able to hear the hoot of the birds you're overtaking, the yahooing of your mate as he's coming out of a perfect jibe, and the sound of your own heart skipping with joy - rather than the monotonous roar of an engine.

Go wind power! You will be blown away.

Harnessing the wind is our passion and we know how to pass it on: with our expert instructors, learning is fun and easy.

These are the people behind BlownAway:

Todd is the brains & brawn behind BlownAway. Todd has an honours degree in Forestry, but his love for wind-driven sports soon brought him out of the forest and into Aucklanders' action-filled weekends. Todd has done everything related to windsports, including windsurfing for 20 years, and still can't get enough. He is our blokart specialist.

Romy has an MA in Literature, and is responsible for the blurbs on this website. She was, however, lured out of academia by the promise of fresh air, sunshine, good times, and connecting with new people. She brings years of teaching experience and empathy to BlownAway, which makes her the ideal person to have alongside your first forays into adrenalin sports. Romy is a WNZ certified windsurf instructor, but now focuses on blokarting.

The BlownAway tribe includes everyone who has taken part in an event with us - thank you to all you beautiful people out there, allowing us to do what we love and brighten your days!

Connect with us and other BlownAway fans through our Facebook page or Twitter, and stay informed on upcoming events, demos and BlownAway tribe-only special offers!