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In most places, weather and tides pretty much define the blokarting experience. From here, you should be able to find all the resources you need to be in the right place at the right time:


The best tide chart for New Zealand's beaches is put out by NIWA. Either enter the beach, or point to the area on the map and click. Tell it the days you are interested in, and up it pops in full detail. The time it returns to you does not include Daylight Savings. NIWA Tides


The weather is pretty unpredictable. Luckily, it appears that the unpredictability is brought in by the winds. These sites do reliable forecasts (each has a slightly different interpretation of the weathermaps, so it pays to look at a few to get a good idea):

National Weather

These are some of the better sites to get info on national conditions. Check the links:

TVNZ Weather Clear and easy to understand. Provides a good rundown on today's weather and forecast for the four coming days. Nice, clean weather map.

Metservice Marine Provides a forecast of wind direction and speed three days out. Check out their section on maps - recent and future series of weather maps. The future series is a bit of a guesstimate, but good for an indication of what might be coming up.

Weatherpix A hugely valuable site with excellent live wind info for Bruce Pulman Park.

Windsurf Live wind info for the Auckland area.

Windguru Well-presented wind and weather forecast for a location of your choice.

Wind.co.nz Live weather feeds from the whole country.

Yearly Trends and Seasonal Variations - When to go blokarting

The weather appears to be redefining itself. Therefore, as far as seasonal trends go, we can only provide an idea of what to expect. What is evident is that wind was a strong element for all of Auckland's "seasons" over the last year and for this we are very happy.


Spring is the best time for wind. At some time during spring, you will always hear someone say: "yeah, but it's too windy...", and we laugh and say: "if you can't beat it, ride it!" Spring starts in late September and can run through until January if it so wishes. It is a volatile time where it can be sunny one minute, raining the next and then sunny again five minutes later. Because of this, it is wise to bring warm clothes, a waterproof jacket and a change of clothes to put on if you are wet when you finish. November, December and January are the best months of the year with less rain, warmer air, and consistent winds.


The transition from spring to summer is a mixed one. The high energy of spring gives way to long hot days. Generally, there are fewer windy days, but the days that are windy are fantastic! Warm, consistent breezes that blow from morning to night. Sea breezes are an afternoon gift. Sunset 'karting on the West Coast. It is bliss.


Autumn generally just sneaks on in. The days are brilliant and crystal clear, but the air starts to take on a chill in prelude of the winter to come. April, May, and June. Wind wise there are some good days to be had, but they come unpredictably. Sea breezes are still our friend. Some storms provide very exciting days.


When it kicks in, it is cold, but there are some kick-ass storms that highly reward those who brave the conditions. White knuckles and broad grins. Hot drinks and hot showers are a Godsend.